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Four in Shanghai is a way to chronicle our family’s experiences living in Shanghai. Before we moved from the United States to China, I spent a lot of time reading other blogs by expats in China, which helped me mentally prepare for our move, so this is a way to contribute to the expat community. I hope this will be a way for us to remember all the day to day moments that we want to remember, and share them with family and friends better than a short post on Facebook could.

We acknowledge that in China the number four is considered very unlucky because it sounds like the word for death. It is so taboo that many buildings skip the number 4 on elevators, and buildings skip from the 3rd floor to 5th floor. Well, we’re not very superstitious, and there are four members of our family, so we decided to use the name anyway. Plus, “four in” sounds a lot like “foreign,” which describes our family!