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Four in Shanghai

An American Family's Adventures Living in China

Shanghai Skyscrapers

When people think of Shanghai, one of the first things they think of is skyscrapers. Living in Shanghai, we see them every day, but it took us almost a full year to go inside of one. I guess there is some truth the idea that people tend not...

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Shanglow Days – Car Troubles

Among the expats living in Shanghai, it's common to talk about Shanglow days. The opposite of feeling high, you're feeling low, or a little blue, in Shanghai. Lots of things could bring on a Shanglow day - the weather, the traffic, the cost...

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Our First Chinese Collection

Our New Collection We started our first collection in China, and it's not what I thought it would be. Nothing as classy as Chinese calligraphy or tea sets for us - we're collecting plastic Disney figurines! The biggest store near us,...

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Mosquito Attack

Before we moved to China I took some Mandarin lessons. I learned things like greetings, numbers, and telling time. Little did I know that one of the first new words I would learn after moving would be for an insect. Wénzi蚊子, (mosquito) is...

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After a few weeks in Shanghai we decided to take a day trip out of the city. The previous weekend we'd been stuck at home due to a typhoon, so were anxious to get out and see something. We had our driver take us to Suzhou, which is a small...

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